In this section, you will be able to purchase the merchandising articles of Santander Marathon. This does not apply exclusively to participants. Spectators, volunteers and supporters also get the opportunity to purchase the official T-shirt of the Santander Marathon 2017. In addition, the participants can request the starting documents by post.
This is particularly interesting for participants who have registered for the year 2017 due to the weather-related cancellation of the Santander Marathon 2016, because a post booking of the starting documents for these participants was previously not possible.


Here you have the possibility to purchase official merchandising articles of the Santander Marathon. For only 22.50 € you get the high-quality functional shirt in our marathon shop. We also offer you a scarf for a price of only 3,00 €.

Shipping of starting documents

Participants, who decide to send the starting documents after their registration, can book them later in our shop. There is the possibility to order the shipping option until 07.05.2017 and to get the starting documents for a fee from the 26.05.2017 by post.

Shipping of starting documents AND Merchandising

Or would you like to order the shipment of starting documents AND merchandise articles?
Then this is exactly the right place for you.